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The Korean American Cultural Foundation of Greater Boston (KACF) was born out of the desire to share the rich artistic heritage of Korea with our neighbors and to create opportunities for Korean American artists to display their talents and passions. Thanks to our sponsors and partnerships, the KACF has been able to present a series of original collaborative projects in recent years.
In 2013, “Sonnet of an Innocent Flower“ featured TeRra Han, a superb gayageum virtuoso from Korea, in a program of music and dance with accompanying commentaries on Korean poetry by Professor David McCann of Harvard University. In 2014, the main theme of our Gala concert was Han, the unique concept of unrequited yearning and deep regret, which pervades much of Korean sentiment and its folk culture. The concert introduced original pieces by the composer Jae Hyeok Jang to the Boston audience. It was followed in 2015 by the Boston premiere of “Village Music”, a chamber piece composed by an up-and-coming US composer Michael-Thomas Foumai, who drew inspiration from Shinawi, a Korean traditional style of music of shamanistic origin. The composer employed the western instruments such as clarinet and violin and created an interesting aural landscape that was reminiscent of the quintessential Korean traditional music employing gayageum and Pansori. In 2016, “Elegy for the Fallen, Light Beyond the Abyss” touched a strong chord in the hearts of the audience who were weary of on-going turmoils both in Korea and the States. The concert featured several young musicians from Korea and other parts of the world in the unique fusion of the classical and the experimental repertoire. The final piece “Lost” by Wonmi Jung, Do Yeon Kim, Chris McCarthy and Eli Cohen, was a moving tribute in memory of the Sewol Ferry victims.

A year since brought such a dramatic turn of events in both countries. The Spring concert of the year 2017 was held just a few days shy of the election in Korea which will shape the future of the peninsula. The Sewol Ferry has finally been lifted out of the deep sea and being searched for the remains of the victims who left their beloved three years ago. The shameful black-list used by the government against dissenting artists and writers had been exposed in Korea, eventually contributing to its downfall. In the United States, the president is working hard to cut public funding for struggling artists and their projects. There has not been a moment in recent history which was in greater need of the public’s support for the thriving arts of all stripes. We are all living through the time of historic import with a deep anxiety, uncertain of what’s in store for the months to come. Let us not forget that the great work of art, past and new, illuminates the abyss and enlightens our mind to steer through such dangerous currents.
One thing for certain is that Spring is here again in Boston, as the famous Boston Marathon faithfully remind us. So did the Spring arrive for Korea, our homeland, in 2017. And we should be able to find some strength to be optimistic about the tortuous road lying ahead. Please join us as we continue pushing the envelope for both traditional and contemporary Korean music and art in the multi-cultural crisscross that is the great city of Boston. 
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