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The Broadway to Boston (B2B) Theater Company was founded in 2013 as a group that fosters living arts for the Greater Boston area and provides local performers and musicians with an opportunity to share their talents in the Greater Boston communities. The members of B2B think that serving communities with their talents is a wonderful opportunity of getting involved and giving back their thanks to the communities which they have received from the societies in the past. Their musical talents could not have grown without the help of societies and communities.  They believe that it is a payback time to the communities where they belong and share their talents with the communities.  B2B has been designating their talents for local community events, including the musical showcases, church gospel events, opera concerts, and local NPO fundraising/Charity events, to share the joy of music and the care of our communities.

first dress rehearsal - 5.18.2014

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first rehearsal

The Cast

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Gina Chung 정종은

Gina Chung has a Master’s degree in vocal performance from Boston Conservatory. She appeared in the musical “Jesus Christ Super Star (Maria)”, “Beauty and the Beast, Swing" (Bell, Barbette) as well as highlight shows of “The Phantom of the Opera (Christine)", "Grease, (Sandy)” among others. She also performed as a member of KBS broadcasting. She won a Korean National Drama Award for Best New Actress. She is currently the director of Boston Korean Musical Singers.

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Hugh Cha 차형진

Hugh Cha appeared in Off Broadway shows such as Bronze Mirror(Fang Hou/Second Master) and Chalk Circle(Guard). He lso performed in The King and I as Lun Tha (Lyric Theatre of OK), Anything Goes-Luke (North Shore Music Theatre, MA), Proper Place-Tomsett/Tiger (Goodspeed Opera House, CT), Archives & Etchings(Principle Dancer), Miss Saigon(Thuy) in various parts of the US; Film Credits include A Story of the Woods(Lead, Rochester Film Festival Shoestring Trophy), Love Me Tango. He also performed as dancer in Ground Hounds Breakdance Crew, Kinnect Modern Dance Company, ROC Multicultural Dance Group; MFA, Boston Conservatory, BFA, Brigham Young University. (www.hughcha.com)

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Heather Lee 이혜승

Heather Lee performed in Ruth The Musical as Naomi (KCB), K-Pop Night(KCB) and participated in Hair as the vocal coach (The Longwood Players, MA), as well as in Cinderella, Snow White The Musical, and Pipin as the director. She took on various roles in other concerts: The Yodler as director (the Alpin Rose Yodel Club, Korea), Harvard International Night, Harvard Commencement Concert, Harvard annual Christmas Concert, Handel Society Annual Concerts, Haydn Society Annual Concerts, Annual Summer Concert Series of the Alpin Rose as a member of performers. She has a ScD in School of Public Health from Harvard University.

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Ian DePriest

Ian DePriest majors in theater performance at Berklee College of Music. Past credits include Legally Blonde (Padamadan), Hair (Ensemble), and Into The Woods (Cinderella's Prince).

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Robin Cho 조나현 - Music Director

Robin Cho (Music Director) is a composer and pianist from Berklee College of Music and has been actively playing in the field of dance and theater. She composed the music for "Ruth: The Musical". She joined the B2BTC as the music director.

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Chungsung Ethan Kim 김충성 - Piano

Chung-Sung Kim majors in Jazz Piano Performance at Berklee College of Music. He has performed in numerous concerts, gigs and recording sessions as soloist as well as accompanist. He is also a dedicated performer at church services. His versatility in style ranges from bebop to gospel. Chung-Sung spent his formative years in a very religious environment, eventually leading him to spend six years in studying theology at Chong-Shin University. He also started playing the piano at an early age as accompanist at his father’s church. While at the seminary, he had a vision of sharing gospel with others through music. This led him to Yoon-Chan Kwak, a famous jazz pianist in Korea. After studying with him, and with his recommendation, Chung-Sung started at Berklee in 2012.

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Lydia Yu-Lin Wang - Violin

Lydia Yu-Lin Wang was born in a small city Changhua, which is located in the middle part of Taiwan. After finishing university in Taiwan, she came to Berklee College of Music with as a scholarship student in 2011. While at Berklee, she found it very fun and rewarding to write music that is usable, useful, relaxing and make people happy. She decided to major in contemporary writing and music production, arranging and composing for strings in contemporary styles spanning Jazz, Bossa Nova, etc. At the same time, she still keeps playing jazz on the violin!

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Seungho Jang 장승호 - Double Bass

Seungho Jang is a classically trained bassist. After graduating from Kyung Hee Univ. as a Postmodern music major, he studied at the Seoul Jazz Academy. Before coming to Berklee to further his Jazz career, he played and appeared on various TV programs and concerts such as MBC 무한도전 (a popular Variety show in Korea), KBS 인간극장. He also participated in music sessions for the Musical Rapunzel and the hit film "악마를 보았다" ("I saw the devil"). His quintet was the Silver Lion winner at the first National College Jazz Festival in Korea. As the member of the Martin Zanker Trio, he played in the World of Basses 2010 in Frankfurt. Currently he performs actively in Jazz clubs around the area.

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Martha Simmons - Choreographer

Martha Simmons is a native Texan who just recently graduated from The Boston Conservatory with an MFA in Musical Theater. Some of her favorite roles include: Miss Dorothy (Millie), Cinderella (Into the Woods), Scotty (Merrily We Roll Along), and Tammy (Hairspray!). She has performed at TMEA, TETA, been a recording vocalist for Stemscope Music Educational Records, and been in three small films; Sub-Normal, El Nino, and Quitting Time. On top of performing she is also a choreographer and has choreographed many things in the Dallas & Central Texas area as well as assisted with shows at The Boston Conservatory including Hair and Elegies. While attending Boston Conservatory she has also worked for her church here in Boston, City on a Hill Church, helping lead worship. 

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