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Elegy for the Fallen, Light beyond Abyss
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Collaboration between the Korean and the American young performers/ Providing entertainment for local community.
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Collaboration between the Korean and the American artists.
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Programs that broaden the horizon of Korean Culture and deepen its engagement with the global audience, scholars and artists.
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Commissions of original artwork and music that support our mission.
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Supporting young artists from Korea and other parts of the world as they perform in Boston an and create venues for them to collaborate
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Novel events on broad subjects combining education, entertainment and current events led by local and visiting luminaries
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Concerts, art exhibitions, and seminars on art, history and current events to enrich the cultural life of the local community and enhance awareness of the Korean contemporary culture and artists.
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Co-sponsorship of major cultural events such as the Korean cultural festival and cultivation of collaboration with other organizations both in and outside the Korean community.
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